Providing one with the lesson of thinking and making decisions effectively and efficiently on one’s feet and being able to change one’s business model with finesse and quick ease. The notion that each economic climate requires a different approach and African entrepreneurs understand this in its entirety at once. Africa is attractive to investors both national and foreign because of the culture of optimism and the ability to scale solutions due to the continent’s big population and shared challenges. It is the age of the African entrepreneur and this is a huge opportunity for businesses and multi-national corporations to step up to the plate, put entrepreneurs at the centre of problem solving and make a meaningful and impactful difference on a grand scale for individual’s lives in Africa with an entrepre- neurial solution. But it does not halt there as the entrepreneur is not just the sole hero but together with the partnerships between government, civil society, and the private sector they can build an unbreakable bond to successfully and triumphantly address the many challenges that Africa may face in the climb to showing the globe its back in business. The time is now. Statistics prove that 90% of economic opportunity is in the emerging markets and Africa is positioning itself to be at the forefront. For those who are too blinded to see, they will invariably lose out. Shane Hiralall, Commercial Director of African Directory Services Pty (Ltd), goes on to state why Africa is everything right now in terms of economic opportunity, by saying “Africa has always been a goldmine of opportunity and economic growth, more so now than ever with the market opportunity having become so vast yet it maintains increasing stability.” Shane goes on to highlight how the continent will soon be home of the globe’s largest workforce, making it harder for worldleader China’s labour force to even compete. “If you look at it in its entirety, you’ll notice Intra-African trade is still in the pre-develop- ment stages which means there’s so much economic growth potential just waiting to explode. It’s all about how to seize the opportunity with both hands as a business and/or entrepreneur in a way that will be impactful to not just to you as an individual but for the community, nation and continent at large” he says. Africa: A Business Perspective Africa in all her earthly beauty, since she has been emancipated with the collapse of colonialism and the imperialistic stronghold which threatened to milk her dry, she has now grown voluptuously into a booming entrepre- neurial landscape. Africa is the new hub of economic activity, of which is moving at an increasingly rapid rate at the helms of more youth going into business who run on being motivated by a growing sense of afro-optimism and the desire to solve decades-long challenges with new technologies. Africa has since taken back its Jewel of the World title and investors are scrambling to invest. Incubation hubs have sprung up across the continent and more foreign investors are backing local start-ups. The one noticeably peculiar feature of African entrepreneurship is the ability to see opportunities where others normally would not and because of the incredible challenges we are faced with and limited support, African entrepreneurs are quick to change their business model and adapt to their environment, highlighting the true cognizance of the spirit of adapt or die. These days, entrepreneurs are extremely reluctant to change their original idea, but African entrepreneurs just go where the opportunity is because they have grasped successfully the art of survival in today’s economic climate. PAGE 308 ULTIMATE COMPANIES IN SOUTH AFRICA TM